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Our approach to treating child & adolescent conditions

Seeing your child struggle with a mental health condition can feel heartbreaking for parents. We understand that you want the best for your child, but finding the right help and treatment can be confusing.

Our team of highly trained private Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and therapists provide evidence-based and personalised treatment for almost any mental health condition. We are here to provide you with clear, practical information so that you can make an informed decision about the best path forward.

Children and adolescents can often feel intimidated, embarrassed or shy when having to speak to a doctor. Sometimes they may find it challenging to articulate how they’re feeling. We believe that children need to feel safe, supported and understood when they speak to a professional.

We understand that every child is different and needs to be treated as such, regardless of what symptoms or diagnosis they might have.

We aim to put your child at ease and pick up on subtle signs of mental health conditions that may not immediately be obvious to an observer. When appropriate, we will carry out a standardised assessment according to the latest guidelines, but we make sure that assessments are flexible and customised to the child's needs.

If your child is diagnosed with a mental health condition, we will develop a personalised treatment plan specifically for your child. Your child’s specialist will discuss all available options with you and your child to create a treatment plan suited to your family’s needs and preferences. Treatment plans are always evidence-based and designed to help your child achieve their full potential. Our goal is to go beyond treating their condition's symptoms and help improve their wellbeing and self-confidence, relationships, social skills or school performance.

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We can arrange a brief courtesy call directly with one of our psychiatrists/therapists/specialists so you can judge for yourself if you feel comfortable talking to them.