Our team of therapists will help you feel comfortable and safe to discuss anything, creating a therapeutic relationship that helps you engage and maximise the benefit you can derive from the therapy sessions.
If you wish, we can help you find the type of therapist that is most appropriate for you and that you feel comfortable with. Typically the medical secretary who has discussed your needs and preferences with you will communicate this information to the suitable therapists, and relay their feedback to you.

In our experience, this helps our patients get off on the right foot from the start of their journey. We can also help you if you are calling on behalf of a loved one, or want to find out how you can help someone close to you.

Our therapists come from a range of multicultural backgrounds, and they are all fluent in English. Some of our therapists are also fluent in French, Dutch, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish and Urdu.

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We can arrange a brief courtesy call directly with one of our psychiatrists/therapists/specialists so you can judge for yourself if you feel comfortable talking to them.