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Talking about problems and emotions is difficult. We create a therapeutic relationship where you can feel comfortable and safe to discuss anything.

We have considerable expertise with a vast array of mental health conditions. Even if previous therapy or treatments haven’t helped or you have complex symptoms, we’re confident we can help you.

If you’re still feeling unsure, we can even arrange a short courtesy call with one of our private Consultant Psychiatrists to work out the best approach for you.

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A Child

We know how precious your child’s wellbeing and happiness is to you, which is why we will involve you as much as possible in any treatment decisions.

Our experienced Child Psychiatrists have expertise in connecting with your child, ensuring they feel comfortable and safe. They will keep sessions interactive and fun while carrying out their clinical assessments.

We can arrange a short courtesy call with one of our Consultant Psychiatrists to identify the best approach for you and your child.

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A Teenager

Our Adolescent Psychiatrists are highly experienced in recognising and assessing symptoms that may be concerning for you and your older child.

If you are unsure about the next steps to take to get your teenager the help that they need, just give us a call.

We are happy to arrange a courtesy call with one of our Consultant Psychiatrists so you can see if they are the best fit for you and your child.

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A Loved One

We know that watching your partner, family member or friend struggle can be deeply upsetting, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our friendly team of practice managers are ready to listen if you’re worried about a loved one.

We often see loved ones bewildered and anxious about the process of accepting help; often, people feel confused because they’re not sure what the problem is.

If you’re worried about someone, we can arrange for you to speak with one of our Psychiatrists to see how we can help.

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A Referral

If you’re a GP, therapist or healthcare professional looking to refer a patient, you can call us and speak to one of our experienced Medical Secretaries. We can also arrange for you to discuss the referral directly with one of our Psychiatrists.

With such a wide range of Consultant Psychiatrists working at London Psychiatry Clinic, we can select the best professional for your patient’s specific needs. We take time to consider your patient’s preferences, including language, culture, gender, personality, insurance, availability and the Psychiatrist’s specialism and expertise.

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A psychiatric or medico-legal report

If you are a Solicitor or you require a psychiatric report, you can call our Expert Report Liaison to discuss specific details, including fees, availability, and terms and conditions.

Our Psychiatrists have extensive experience writing expert reports for the court covering most areas, including but not limited to: civil proceedings; mental capacity; personal injury claims; immigration; criminal proceedings; fitness to plead; and hospital orders.

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Book an adult ADHD assessment online

We provide private ADHD assessments in London or online with highly qualified consultant psychiatrists who are considered among the top ADHD experts in the UK. You can now book your adult (ages 18 & above) ADHD assessment online using our secure bookings portal. For child ADHD assessments, please contact our enquiries team.

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