Dr Rajini Rajeswaran-Iyngkaran

Dr Rajini Rajeswaran-Iyngkaran

Child & Adult Psychotherapist

Children, Adolescents, & Adults (ages 5 to 60)

My name is Rajini, and I’m a Systemic and Family Psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience working with children and adults.

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Dr Rajini Rajeswaran-Iyngkaran

Child & Adult Psychotherapist

We grow and evolve through our relationships, and our relationships give meaning to our lives.

My name is Rajini, and I’m a Systemic and Family Psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience. I’m registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy and the Association for Family Therapy. I have extensive experience working in child, adult, and perinatal mental health services within the NHS, in the UK and abroad in Switzerland and Australia. 

I specialise in Family Therapy, which is also known as Systemic therapy. Family therapy is designed to help families, couples or individuals understand existing problems in the context of the family system (rather than within individuals). I specialise in helping families navigate divorce, grief, mental health difficulties, chronic illnesses, or life transitions such as changing schools or starting a new job. 

My goal as a therapist is to cultivate a collaborative and compassionate environment where everyone’s perspective is valued and respected. I’m passionate about understanding how our relationships are shaped by life events, belief systems, culture, religion, race, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic status. I believe therapy provides an opportunity to discuss and explore problems without fear of judgment, improving communication and building resilience within relationships.

Areas of expertise

Family Therapy

Individuals, couples or families often seek Family Therapy when facing challenges or in crisis. A key focus of Family Therapy is understanding how you interact with one another and identifying helpful and unhelpful patterns of communication. Together, we will explore any existing difficulties or challenges in the context of your family. We will also look at your strengths as a family and how you support one another. I will help you to reflect on existing problems and proactively identify patterns. I tailor therapy for each family to ensure my approach fits your circumstances, needs and unique relationship structure. 

Therapeutic Parenting

One of my main areas of expertise within Family therapy is Therapeutic Parenting, which supports parents in understanding what’s happening to their child in the context of their family. It also allows family members, including parents, carers, siblings or significant others, to attend therapy with their child. Therapeutic Parenting can be beneficial if a child is experiencing symptoms like anxiety, depression, self-harm or behavioural challenges at school or home. It can also be helpful if a parent or another family member suffers from a health condition that affects their relationships.

Since the family is the first group we experience, our family relationships strongly influence our sense of self and how we relate to others. These trans-generational communication patterns, and potential trans-generational traumas, can have a significant impact on each family member’s life. During sessions, I’ll support your family to have open conversations about emerging dilemmas within your relationships, explore "unsaid" feelings or thoughts and better understand one another. 

I take a non-judgmental approach to conversations about parenting and tailor sessions depending on the needs of each family. For example, some families prefer to focus on practical and concrete parenting strategies and advice. Other families may choose a more reflective style, thinking about trans-generational parenting patterns and how these experiences have influenced the current situation. 

Life Changes & Crisis Support for Families

Family therapy can be beneficial during periods of transition or times of crisis. Any event that affects family relationships or structures can be overwhelming, and your family may need time to reflect on these changes. Using this moment in time to say things that have never been said before can create an opportunity for transformative change.

I support families in navigating all types of life changes. For example, you might be entering a period of transition that will affect your partner or family, such as starting a new job, moving to a new neighbourhood or your child changing schools. Crises that can inflict severe distress on families include the loss of a loved one, divorce, breakdown of any family or significant relationships, mental illness, addiction or unemployment. Regardless of the reason for seeking help, I encourage families to draw on their strengths and support one another through these transition periods. 

My approach to treatment

I understand that coming to see a therapist can feel daunting. Although you may not know what to expect, I want to assure you that therapy provides a non-judgmental and supportive space for your voice to be heard. You can choose what you want to share and when the timing feels right for you. My goal is to create a space that feels safe and trusting, where your perspective will always be valued and respected. 

My approach to therapy focuses on removing the burden of problems from individuals and understanding them in the family system context. Allowing dilemmas to emerge in a blame-free context can foster open, transparent conversations that explore and discuss everyone’s perspectives. I also believe it’s useful to explore how our unique backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and values influence our communication style.

I take a flexible and personalised approach to structuring family therapy consultations. Before the first consultation, I find it helpful to have an introductory phone call to discuss your goals and aims for treatment. As family therapy often involves sessions with other family members, such as partners or children, we can discuss how to structure individual and group sessions. For example, you may want to decide on what we will discuss during different sessions and with which family members (to allow for confidentiality). For parents of young children, I encourage you to bring your child’s favourite toys to help them feel more comfortable and entertained.

During the first consultation, I will focus on understanding your family dynamics through a comprehensive assessment. This allows me to identify the best therapeutic approach for your individual circumstances. After the assessment, I’ll offer my recommendations, and we can discuss how to explore different strategies to see what works for you. Together, we’ll create a personalised treatment plan that can be flexibly adapted according to your feedback as therapy progresses without being prescriptive. Ultimately, I believe that change is a process, and therapy provides an opportunity to support families with changing narratives about themselves.


As a therapist, I don’t prescribe medication. However, if you are currently taking medication or considering it as an option, I can collaborate with your psychiatrist to support you in this. Together, we can integrate conversations about medication into your therapy sessions and create a management plan that will help your recovery. While medication isn’t a solution in itself, I believe it can be helpful during periods of acute distress or stabilisation.

Education & Training

I’m a Senior Systemic and Family Psychotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience working in the UK, Switzerland and Australia. I’m a registered member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the Association for Family Therapy (AFT). I also have an Advanced Diploma in Supervision of Family and Systemic Psychotherapy and a Master’s degree in Systemic Psychotherapy from Kings College London.

My professional experience is versatile. I’ve worked in various child, adult and perinatal community and acute inpatient settings. Alongside seeing patients in private practice, I’m also currently working as the Practice Lead for a North London NHS Trust Transition service treating patients aged 18-25. My previous roles in the UK have included working as a Senior Systemic Psychotherapist in NHS child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and adult mental health crisis teams. I developed the first non-violent resistance (NVR) parenting approach groups in a CAMHS NHS service and subsequently established the first Family Clinic in an Adult Mental Health Service in a North London NHS Trust. In Australia, I worked in the adolescent inpatient unit and perinatal ward with newborn infants at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide.

Regarding my education, I have several postgraduate qualifications in psychotherapy, including an Advanced Diploma in Supervision of Family and Systemic Psychotherapy from the Institute of Family Therapy (2022), an MSc in Systemic Psychotherapy from Kings College London (2016), and a Diploma in Applied Systemic Theory (2013). I also trained as a medical doctor at the University of Geneva, where I received my medical degree and then pursued a career in psychotherapy (2001). 

Alongside my clinical work, I’m a Systemic Psychotherapist Supervisor for NHS trainees at King’s College London. I have co-authored several academic publications for medical journals, collaborated on clinical research studies and presented at international conferences. I’m committed to improving the quality of patient care and have contributed to NHS service audits and patient feedback surveys for hospitals in the UK. 

Personal interests

Painting, hiking, yoga, meditation, cooking, cake decorating, and travelling.

Patient Stories

Thank you for being kind and available. You helped us to think about each other and we are having conversations now that we have never had before.

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